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Aulio Ivan
Aulio Ivan
Aulio Ivan
Aulio Ivan
Aulio Ivan
Aulio Ivan
Aulio Ivan
Aulio Ivan
Aulio Ivan
Aulio Ivan


I am a Dominican actor and filmmaker living in San Diego, CA.

My acting journey started in the Dominican Republic (2016) writing and directing the award-winning short film Swingers. After training for four years, I had the opportunity to perform in national commercials, music videos, and local films.

My recent work includes the SAG-AFTRA short film In Old Ranchos, the award winner short film The Last Call who I wrote and directed, the play The Full Monty as the character Keno and as a supporting actor in the up-coming film: Luciana.

I am usually cast as a passionate, angry, loud, energetic, and violent character. In commercials, I tend to be cast in gentle, compassionate, smiley happier roles. My types are Edgy hipster, artistic, Stoner, Hippie, lumberjack, desert rat, western, thug, mercenary, characters of medieval times, and urban or rural guy.


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Swingers Poster

SWINGERS (Erotic thriller). It tells us the story of a sexually unsatisfied wife (Jessica) that manipulates and convinces her husband (Carlos) to accept the exchange of partners, called swingers. Carlos finds in his co-worker and her husband the necessary accomplices to please his wife Jessica. This will bring consequences that will affect the lives of both couples forever.

The Last Call (Drama) The life of Julio will take an unstoppable turn after two life-changing events hit him at once. This story challenges the moral concepts of life and death in a hardcore capitalist system, the power of choices, and the gamble of individual fate.



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